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A delegate of 14 German - English Universities visit the Syriac Heritage Museum in Ankawa


A delegate represents fourteen worldwide universities from Germany and England visited the Syriac Heritage Museum in Ankawa on the 2nd of July 2012. Mr. Faruk Hana Ato the Manager of the Museum and several of his employees were ready to receive the delegation. The delegation was of 21 students of B.Sc. Degree, M.A. degree in addition to number of students who were preparing for their PhDs and in different specializations Media and political sciences. 

The guests showed their admiration of the Museum and its contents of valuable antiques that represent our  Assyrian Syriac and Chaldean history besides the traditional costumes that represent most of the villages and districts of our nation thanking and blessing the efforts of all who collaborated to order this ancient educational and cultural legacy. 

A memorial gift was presented in the name of all the delegation members to the museum. It was received by Mr. Faruk Hana on behalf of all the employees.

Then the guests were farewelled in the same way they were welcomed. 

It is worth mentioning that the visiting delegation was invited by the Kurdistan students Union to visit Kurdistan Region in Iraq. It was an eight-day visit.